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Shaylynn Lanelle - Playboy's Miss Social

    Contestants & Judges earn votes based on social activity and various daily & weekly challenges.

Shaylynn Lanelle
  • Shaylynn Lanelle
  • 24 years old / Edmonton Alberta,
  • Height: 5'7" / Weight: 127 lbs
  • Bust: 36 / Waist: 28 / Hips: 38
  • "Happy Holidays Everyone <3"

Short Bio

My names Shaylynn, a little about me I'm a student who has finished grade 12 I am 20 yrs old, ld like to go to college to become a psychologist and also model, modelling has been a big part to me all my life. I always wanted to follow in my mothers foot steps! And do what she couldn't finish. My down fall in life was being in a hit and run car accident and surviving it, I'm so ready for whatever

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More about me

  • Why I Should be Playboy Miss Social:

    I think I should be miss pb social because I hear all the time I have this different exotic look and I should use it the best I can. To be miss social it would be a fun experience to get out there and show people I can do this! Always be positive :)

  • Turn-Ons:

    My turn ons I love guys that are toned and tanned and tattooed another when a guy cooks for me I think it's the sweetest ever! Another when a guy talks in different languages in my ear hehehe

  • I'm Really Good At:

    I'm really good at hot yoga being flexible is key I'm also really good at writing I wanna write a book one day! Another would be being a good listener, I'm also very creative I like to make things I love arts and crafts lol

  • Turn-Offs

    When a guy calls me cute I'm not 3 years old also another Is when a guy slaps my behind it doesn't feel good at all, one more would be umm when a guy is texting another girl when he is beside you! So mean

  • 5 Things I Could Never Do Without

    Five things I couldn't do without, one my iPod two tanning three my cellphone four my contacts glasses are silly all the time and five my nails done

  • My Dream Date

    My dream date would be a guy to take me on a boat cruise and we sip wine and share laughs then later the bed covered in pink rose pedals then I also look over and see a bubble bath with candles and fondu waiting for me awh dreams it might come true 1 day