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Candice Elizabeth
  • Candice Elizabeth
  • 26 years old / Perth, Western Australia,
  • Height: 5'3" / Weight: 115 lbs
  • Bust: 34 / Waist: 24 / Hips: 34
  • "Playboy's Miss Social August 2014! YES! Vote Lauren Gebhart!"

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Short Bio

Admin girl, skimpy waitress and glamour model from Perth, Australia. Ex-school teacher, but let's not go there!
I'm new to all of this but now that I'm no longer teaching, it's time to give it my best shot! First Aussie (and redhead??) PBMS sounds like a nice accomplishment I think...
Thanks to all of my team members for your support! Please join us to paint August RED!

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More about me

  • Why I Should be Playboy Miss Social:

    Us gingers are seriously under-represented (and under-appreciated, I think!): so show us some love, we're becoming extinct! I like to think i've got a bit of a unique look and i'm natural - hair colour and boobs! First Aussie and redhead PBMS? Yes pls!

  • Turn-Ons:

    Confidence. Intelligence. Positivity. Open-mindedness. 'Hot nerd' look does it for me over muscle-bound beef cakes..Although I can appreciate the effort they put into their bodies, give me a skinny geek in glasses any day! ;)

  • I'm Really Good At:

    Anything to do with words. I love a bit of verbal sparring and banter, especially if it's loaded with sexual innuendo! Procrastinating . Insulting people accidentally due lacking tact. Finding reasons to not go to the gym...then regretting it later!

  • Turn-Offs

    Arrogance. Ignorance. Negativity. Closed-mindedness. Any kind of hate for an entire group of people based on one aspect of who or what they are really irks me - homophobes and racists for example. Ain't nobody got time fo' that!

  • 5 Things I Could Never Do Without

    My mobile phone. Music :i love a variety of stuff from rock and some metal to Top 40 and old school ballads from the likes of Boyz II Men (don't judge me! LOL) an Whitney Huston. (Good) Food. (Great) Sex. Sunscreen - ginger skin grr grumble grumble!

  • My Dream Date

    Michael Gray Gubler. I don't care what we do. As long as I can stare at him and listen to him talk about anything. If Salma Hayek happened to sashay past and decided to join us (for a bite to eat, of course, mind out of the gutter! :P ) I wouldn't say no!