Game Tokens

What are Game Tokens?

Game tokens allow Judges to play PBMS games.

How Do I Earn Game Tokens?

  • Elites earn one game token every day they log in to the site and claim their token.
  • Every Judge will be awarded a game token at the beginning of each contest
  • New Judges will receive one game token when they sign up
  • PBMS will give away tokens as rewards
  • Judges are awarded tokens with vote purchases
  • Judges can purchase game tokens

What can I do with my Game Tokens?

You can spin the PBMS Wheel, play the Mystery Box, or bet against the dealer in High Card to earn votes. Over the next couple months we will be rolling out more games.

What are Mini-Games?

Mini-games are games within PBMS where judges can win votes and prizes. All mini-games require game tokens to play.