The Last Miss Social FAQs:

1. When is the last Miss Social monthly competition?

The last Miss Social monthly competition will happen this month – December 2014. Rally your team behind your favorite Contestant. There is still time to qualify to compete for Miss Social of the Year 2015 in January.

2. Why is Miss Social coming to an end?

Thank you to all of the Miss Social winners, judges, and contestants for your participation over the last five years. We have new and exciting things in the works. Stay tuned for new updates from Playboy.

3. When is the last day to apply to be a Contestant on Miss Social?

The last day to apply for December, Miss Social’s last monthly competition, is December 15th. Only Finalists and winners of 2014 will compete for Miss Social of the Year 2015 in January’s monthly competition.

4. When is the Miss Social of the Year 2015 competition and what does it entail?

The Miss Social of the Year 2015 competition will proceed as usual but will be moved up from February to January 2015. Only finalists and winners of 2014 will compete for Miss Social of the Year 2015 in January’s monthly competition.

5. What happens to my votes?

Voting remains the same. Votes will expire at the end of every month as usual.

6. What happens to my Tokens?

Please use all of your tokens in December 2014 and January 2015′s competitions – before January 31, 2015. After this date your tokens will be invalid.

7. What if I bought a one-year elite status?

We will refund all yearly elite memberships if purchased after January 31, 2014. Thank you for being a loyal Judge, we regret any inconvenience.

8. What happens to my profile (Contestants)?

We will keep all of your profiles up and viewable. You will not be able to edit or change any information after January 31st, so make sure you update your profile before January 31st when it will be archived.

9. What happens if I win Miss Social December 2014?

Playboy Miss Social will fulfill all prizing and photo shoots. The remaining Miss Social winners will have their photo shoot in January.

10. What happens if I win Miss Social of the Year 2015?

You still win your Grand Prize trip and photo shoot. We look forward to meeting our final winner after January’s competition.

11. Will you continue to post updates on the Miss Social Facebook page?

Yes, for now we will continue to post updates. Stay in touch and look out for new things to come!

Contestant FAQ:

1. What is Playboy’s Miss Social?

Miss Social is a non-nude model search for sexy, fun and sociable girls to represent the Playboy brand as Miss Social. With an emphasis on non-nude social-networking, the girl with the most votes at the end of each monthly contest takes the crown and the Grand Prize. See The Basics under the Help section on PlayboyMissSocial.com for more information.

2. What do I get if I win?

First Place – Grand Prize:

      • All-expense-paid trip to Playboy Studios in LA (Includes flight from anywhere in the United States, hotel stay, transportation, various extra expenses)
      • A photo shoot with a prestigious Playboy photographer
      • VIP treatment from Playboy’s skilled hair and makeup team during the photo shoot
      • The chance to appear on Playboy’s official iPhone App and other affiliate Playboy properties

Second place wins $400 cash gift card, a Playboy Gift Pack valued at $100, and the title of Miss Social Runner Up. Third place wins $200 cash gift card and a Playboy Gift Pack valued at $50.

Also, the top four contestants from each monthly competition in 2014 will be entered into the year-end contest in January 2015 to compete for the title of Miss Social 2015.

3. What if I am an International contestant?

If you are an international contestant and you win the grand prize, Playboy will only provide transportation to Playboy Studios in LA from a major U.S. gateway. It will be the international contestant’s responsibility to provide transportation to the closest U.S. airport to take advantage of the grand prize.

4. Can citizens of all countries enter?

The Miss Social Challenge welcomes contestants from most countries; unfortunately, we are unable to accept entries from Malaysia, China, India, Cuba, Iran, or Syria. The Miss Social Challenge is also closed to government employees of Belarus, Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia, Lebanon, North Korea, Sudan, Yemen, and Zimbabwe.

5. Is the winner’s pictorial nude?

The winner decides. The first-place winner decides if she wants her photo shoot to be nude or non-nude.

6. How do the Finals work?

The competition starts of the 1st of each month and runs until the last day of each month. The first 3 weeks of each month is called the “Open Round.” At the end of the Open Round, 12 contestants (the Top 8 vote-getters from the Open Round & 4 Challenge winners) advance to a head-to-head tournament-style Finals.

If a contestant wins a Challenge and is in the top 8 highest-voted models, the 9th highest vote-getter will also enter the Finals. If two contestants win a Challenge and are in the top 8, the 9th and 10th highest vote-getters will make the Finals, and so on.

The Contestant who advances through the Finals and receives the most votes in the Final Round is crowned Miss Social for that Month.

7. How do I enter Miss Social?

Click ‘Join’ at the top of any page, log in with Facebook, and then fill out your profile. The entire program is held within the Playboy Miss Social game found at PlayboyMissSocial.com and updates are given daily both on the site and on Playboy’s Miss Social Facebook Page.

8. When can I enter the competition? Is it too late to enter?

You can register at any point in the contest. We suggest you enter in the first half of the month to maximize your votes and exposure. If you enter on the day before the monthly contest ends, you probably won’t win. But this will give you a chance to look around the site and get a feel for the next month’s contest.

9. I applied, now what?

After applying, your application will be reviewed and you will be notified by email if you have been accepted into the contest. In the mean time, you should be able to fill out your profile with bio info, stats, and upload photos. None of this content will be visible until you are approved. Once approved, your entire profile will become visible and entered in the contest.

10. Why wasn’t my profile approved?

Your profile may not be approved for various reasons including:

      • There are men or children in your photo.
      • Your photo is too explicit. Full tops and bottoms MUST be worn in each photo.
      • Your photo is not a photo of you. We will not approve any avatars, inanimate objects, etc.
      • You are not a female. Men wishing to participate should install the app but not fill out a contestant profile.
      • You are suspected of not being a real person- you may be asked to provide verification.
      • You are underage.

11. Can I update my profile once it is approved?

Yes. When you’re logged in to the site, click the ‘My Profile’ link on the top-right of any page. Click the edit icon next to any field you want to modify. This is also where you can add photos  to your profile.

12. What happens to the photos I upload in the contest?

Once something is posted on the Internet, it is posted forever. When you upload photos in connection with the Miss Social contest, you are granting Playboy an exclusive and permanent, irrevocable license to use the photos in any format in the future.

13. What is the structure of this program?

The contest is a monthly competition. Votes are totaled at  12:30pm PST the last day of the month. The contestant with the most votes earns the title of Playboy Miss Social of the month. The Year End competition begins January 2015 and will feature all of the past year’s monthly winners. The winners from the previous year will compete for Miss Social of the Year 2015.

14. How do I earn votes?

Here are ways to earn votes:

      • Having the Judges (audience) cast votes for you.
      • Participating and/or winning the weekly challenges.
      • Filling out your profile and uploading photos.

15. What are Weekly/Daily Challenges?

Weekly/Daily challenges are fun mini-competitions which give contestants the opportunity to earn big bonus votes. Challenges are announced throughout the month on the Blog section of this site and our Facebook page. The challenges don’t follow a formula and are designed to keep you on your toes. Your social media expertise and ability to draw a crowd (online or in the real world) will be your most valuable tools. Typically there are two winners of a Challenge — one who earns a lump vote total and one who gets an automatic spot in the Finals for that month.

Photo challenges take place on this page and judges must spend their “challenge votes” to choose a winner.  Judges get 1 challenge vote every 12 hours.

16. Can I enter the contest multiple times?

Of course, unless you win a monthly competition. Previous first-place winners are not eligible to enter the monthly contests again.

17. Can I enter the contest if I’ve already appeared in Playboy?

No. The Miss Social contest is for women who have never appeared in Playboy, including Playboy Magazine, International versions of Playboy Magazine, Playboy ‘Special Editions.’ This also includes Playboy.com and its online affiliates, including but not limited to: Cyber Girls, Playboy Live, Playboy Coeds, and Playboy Amateurs.

Women who have only appeared as promotional models for Playboy partners and licensees (Playboy Golf and Playboy Events for example) are eligible for Miss Social.

Simply stated, if you have “shot” and appeared in a Playboy publication or online affiliate you are not eligible for this contest.

18. Can I use another Facebook account to enter the contest as a Judge?

No. Doing so is against the rules and can get you ejected from the competition.

19. Will the site post to my wall and spam my friends?

No! You are in control of the level of involvement and presence of the program on your page.


Judges FAQ:

20. How do I become a Judge?

Sign up with your Facebook account at PlayboyMissSocial.com by clicking the Join link and creating a Judge profile.

21. How do I earn extra votes?

Here are the primary ways to obtain votes – all of which live within the site:

      • Interacting with the site: There are multiple actions that reward you with votes to cast at your discretion. The more you interact, the more hidden votes will be unlocked! Find hidden votes in profiles, by logging in, under different sections of the site, and more.
      • Inviting Friends: We cannot stress this enough – to be successful, you must invite as many people as possible to the app using the invite button on the site and sharing your individual link. (Coming Soon!)
      • Mini Games: By participating in our mini games you can quickly earn bonus votes. The mini games will change as the competition progresses but expect such things as Trivia Competitions, Poker Games, Flash Games and more.  Some mini-games require Tokens to play.  These games have a high potential to pay out .  Users get one token per month, elite users get one token per day.  For more about tokens please read here.
      • Upgrading to ‘Elite Judge’ status: By purchasing the ‘Elite Judge’ status, you will receive a bonus vote payout, increased vote rewards, as well as recognition of your status on the game. Learn more about Elite Status.
      • Purchasing votes: You can purchase votes here.

22. What are gifts?

Gifts are earned by Judges by completing various tasks and games on the Miss Social site.  Judges give gifts to the Contestant of their choice to show their support.  Judges are rewarded votes after giving gifts to Contestants.

23. What happens to my unused votes at the end of the monthly contest?

They expire. All votes must be used by the end of each monthly contest. Your lifetime votes will be totaled, and will count toward rewards, but you will not be able to use them after the contest (during which they were purchased) ends.

24. I’m getting an error message, help?

A quick solution is refreshing your page. All error messages are reported to us and we are working on getting rid of any and all issues in the app. It is constantly updated and improved so just sit tight and rest assured that any problem you are having will be remedied ASAP.

25. Can I use multiple personal Facebook accounts?

No, you cannot use multiple Facebook or email accounts to participate. Our team is very good at spotting fraudulent voting activity. When we catch you, all your accounts will be terminated and any votes cast will be revoked from the contestant they were given to. You will also be banned from participation in all future Miss Social contests.

26. What are Game Tokens?

See the Game Tokens page.

27. I have an issue not addressed in these FAQs!

Shoot us a message on our Contact Page and we will get back to you in a timely fashion.