The Basics

What is Miss Social by Playboy?

Miss Social by Playboy is a monthly non-nude social media competition. Contestants compete against one another through daily and weekly Challenges that exist on this site and across various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Contestants earn votes by winning Challenges and are also awarded votes by Judges throughout the month.

The competition starts of the 1st of each month and runs until the last day of each month. The first 3 weeks of each month is called the “Open Round.” At the end of the Open Round, 12 contestants (the Top 8 vote-getters from the Open Round & 4 Challenge winners) advance to a head-to-head tournament-style Finals.

The Contestant who advances through the Finals and receives the most votes in the Final Round is crowned Miss Social for that Month.

What Do Contestants Win?

Prizes are given our for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place contestants, with the 1st Place winner being awarded a trip to Playboy’s LA studios for a photo shoot with a Playboy Photographer, a tour of the Playboy Mansion, the title of Miss Social for that month, and the opportunity to be a part of the Playboy family.

Who are Contestants?

Contestants are eligible woman over the age of eighteen who register with Miss Social to compete for the title of Miss Social by Playboy. In order to be eligible, Contestants must not have “shot” and appeared in Playboy publications or online affiliates (

Contestants enter the Miss Social competition, complete their profiles, promote their Miss Social profiles through social media, and compete in Weekly Challenges and for votes from the Judges.

Who are Judges?

Judges are users who do not compete for the title of Miss Social by Playboy. Anyone can be a judge and vote for Playboy’s Miss Social of the Month. To become a judge, click sign up, select the “Judge” option, then log-in with your Facebook profile. Judges cast their votes for contestants to help Playboy judge the non-nude model contest.


Judges can earn votes through a variety of actions.  These include logging in, viewing profiles, mentioning Miss Social on Facebook, etc.  Judges can also purchase votes.  Judges then give their votes to contestants of their choosing.

Weekly & Daily Challenges

Weekly & Daily Challenges are in-contest challenges for contestants. In a typical month, there are four (4) Weekly Challenges. Winners of each Challenge are awarded votes and in most cases, an automatic spot in that month’s Finals.


The Finals take place during the last week of a monthly contest. All contestants votes are reset to zero at the beginning of the Finals and after each round. The Finals format is a head-to-head bracket-tournament-style. The Top 8, plus the three Weekly Challenge winners, and one wild card make the Finals. At the beginning of the Finals, all contestants are seeded according to the number of votes they received. (The contestant with the most votes is #1, the second is #2, and so on.) The rounds go as follows:

  • First Round: (one-two days) The top four seeds get a bye. The remaining contestants compete head-to-head to move on to the next round.
  • Second Round: (one-two days) The top four seeds and the remaining four contestants compete head-to-head to move on to the next round.
  • Third Round:  (one-two days) The remaining four contestants compete head-to-head to move on to the next round.
  • Final Round: (two days) The final two contestants compete head-to-head for the title of Miss Social by Playboy for that month. The contestant with the most votes at the end of the Final Round will be crowned Miss Social for that month.

Miss Social of the Year Finals

The year-end finals take place in January 2015. The top four contestants from both the Open Round and the Finals for each month are invited to compete. The winner is crowned Playboy’s Miss Social of the Year 2015.

… Still want to know more?

  • Check out the FAQ for frequently asked questions from both Contestants & Judges.
  • Read the Official Rules for a detailed run-down on all things Miss Social.
  • View our Privacy Policy

Playboy’s Miss Social October 2012, Jessica Lee Flowers, on set of her photo shoot with a Playboy photographer.