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Ashley Giordano
  • Ashley Giordano
  • 26 years old / Marietta, Ga
  • Height: 5'4" / Weight: 127 lbs
  • Bust: 32 / Waist: 25 / Hips: 35
  • "im going to be putting more pics up soon "

Short Bio

Mother of two beautiful babies. I love to be the life of the party and have the best time all the time. I have no filter I speak what's on my mind and never hold back. I'm a twenty five yr old hot MILF. I'm originally from new jersey but currently trying out the south. Vote for me please you won't regret it xoxoxo ash.

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More about me

  • Why I Should be Playboy Miss Social:

    I'm a confident women and take pride into my appearance.

  • Turn-Ons:

    Smells better then I do, funny because any man that can make me laugh has already stole my heart, a really good personality, and will always support me and back me up with whatever I do.

  • I'm Really Good At:

    Dancing, making people laugh, cooking and being a mom I'm also good at a lot of things I hate doing :)

  • Turn-Offs

    Bad breath, messed up teeth, no style, dirty shoes,and pale skin. but I can make any man look from bad to good with a little bit of my touch

  • 5 Things I Could Never Do Without

    My children, family, a car ;), MEN, and my shoes because they will always fit!

  • My Dream Date

    A walk on the beach with a lit up sky full of stars